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Mini Cooper


We at Germany’s Best have been repairing European Cars for over 25 years. We provide comprehensive service on Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Smart Car and Volkswagen.


In terms of Mini Cooper automobiles, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve got the “New” MINI or one of the rare classic MINIs, well help you take care of it.

Historic Facts

The Mini came about because of a fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez Crisis. Gasoline was rationed in the UK, sales of large cars slumped, the market for German Bubble cars boomed. Within 2 years British Motor Corporation had built the first prototype of the Mini designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. Full production began in April 1959, and by August several thousand cars had been produced ready for the first sales.

The Mini models included the Mark I, the Mark II, the Clubman and the Mark III. Series variations also included an estate car, pickup truck, van and the Mini Moke a jeep-like buggy. The Mini Cooper and Cooper “S” were sportier versions that were successful as rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally four times from 1964 through to 1967.

When production of the classic Mini ceased in 2000, BMW announced the successor to the Mini. By 2003 production of the New BMW MINI was rolling and reviews of the NEW MINI were of critical acclaim.

According to
BMW got the resurrection of the Mini right. Being a third larger than the original, this thoroughly modern Mini could hardly be a slavish copy of that Issigonis-designed vehicle in which everyone from rock stars to the Royal Family (all behind darkened windows) darted about London in the swinging ’60s of the century past. Nonetheless, designer Frank Stephenson caught the sassy, can-do attitude of the first Mini and made the new one a striking statement in style when it was introduced in 2002 as well as an e-ticket carnival ride. Not to mention a serious vehicle that can tote more than seems likely, can dry out wet pavement with its excellent handling and can stimulate more smiles than a precocious three-year-old at a grown-up party.

And in April 2007, the one millionth NEW MINI rolled out of the Oxford Plant after six years of production (just one month longer than it took the classic Mini to reach the same total in March 1965).

So whether you’ve got a New Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S or your one of the lucky few who have a classic Mini, we’ll be able to service and maintain it for you. Give us a ring or stop on by. We’d love to see what you’re driving and how we can help your investment. And let us know you found us on our Porsche page!